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Blasting and Coating

A quality coating can increase value to used equipment and add the finishing touch to newly fabricated items. We started blasting and coating the equipment we build and repair to decrease downtime and transportation costs that were associated with sub-contracting. Our coatings team has been operating for decades and knows the attention to detail that must be present from prep to delivery to safely meet our standards. Allow us to sandblast and coat your new and used parts and equipment, regardless of size or quantity!

Blasting - RCI Drilling Services

Recent Blasting and Coating Projects

Cabot 750 Mobile Drilling Rig

CABOT 750 MOBILE DRILLING RIG - Equipment Blasting

Cat Diesel Engines


Choke Manifold and Degasser Skid

Equipment Blasting and Coating- CHOKE MANIFOLD AND DEGASSER SKID

SupaVac SV250

SUPAVAC SV250 - Blasting and Coating

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