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SupaVac is the global leader in air operated vacuum pumps, offering an efficient and economical solution to transferring any flowable material across a wide range of Agricultural, Industrial, Municpal, Mining and Oil and Gas applications.

SupaVac Vacuum Pumps - RCI Drilling Equipment

SupaVac Apllications

Potential applications include the Transfer of Drill Cuttings, Bentonite, Mining Tailings, Coal Slurry, Oil Spill, Hazardous Waste, Effluent Waste, Processing Waste, Paper Mill Waste, Production Waste, and cleaning of FPSO Storage Tanks, Ballast Tanks, Petrochemical Tanks, Mud Tanks, Frac Tanks, Power Station Ash Ponds, Golf Course Ponds, and many more…

Supavac Vacuum Pumps
Supavac sv280

Nueces River Directional Drill Bentonite Clean-Up SupaVac SV280

Supavac 280 environmental cleanup

SupaVac SV280 Environmental Cleanup

Supavac 280 pumping into vacuum truck

SV280 Pumping Into Vacuum Truck

SupaVac Features

A unique patented Venturi design creates a Strong Vacuum and High Airflow to recover material up to 82ft and discharge up to 3280ft

Pumps range from 10m3 (44gpm) to 60m3 (264 gpm) an hour @ Specific Gravity of 1.0

“Mobile” pump models available that are wheel mounted and can be manuevered & operated by one person


SV700 in line vacuum pump can turn an existing pipeline into a fixed vacuum system.

SV700 Vacuum Pump by SupaVac

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To provide access to SupaVac pumps and hands on experience for our customers, RCI offers Supavac pumps for rentals

RCI is also able to provide experienced ‘manpower’ to operate equipment, train your staff onsite or offer technical back up and support.


Let us show you that our vacuum pumps suck! Schedule RCI to come to your facility or job site to demonstrate that SupaVac pumps are the right tool for your job (some fees may apply).

Complete and email the job questionnaire so that we can determine the best set up for your application

Supavac Vacuum Pumps
Supavac Demo
Supavac Display

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