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Consultation and Inspection

RCI’s team are always prepared to assesses the value of equipment or the feasibility of a project, even if it means traveling to far away locations at the drop of a hat.

Equipment Consultation and Inspection - RCI Drilling Services

Oil Field Equipment Consultation and Inspection

Countless years of industry experience have evolved a set of standards and eye for detail that are crucial when dealing with an enitre drilling package.

Recruit RCI for CONSULTATION in performing a SURVEY on potential equipment purchase, developing a project SCOPE OF WORK, or INSPECTION of your machinery!

Consultation & Inspection Projects

Drawworks Inspection Venezuela

DRAWWORKS INSPECTION VENEZUELA - Consultation and Inspection

NDT Pull Test Witness

NDT PULL TEST WITNESS - Inspection and Consultation

Rig & Equipment Acquisition Philippines


Rig Survey & Inventory South Texas

RIG SURVEY & INVENTORY SOUTH TEXAS - Oilfield Equipment Consultation and Inspection

We’re Ready to Get to Work

RCI offers prompt turn around times and even rush services for jobs that need to be done quick! 

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