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Pig Testing

Pipeline Inspection Tool Testing

Since 2004 RCI has participated in the development and qualification of pipeline inspection tools (pigs) for major oil companies. We currently have a 300′ multi-diameter (10″/12″ OD) test loop that is ready for testing and contains navigational obstacles such as a vertical riser, horizontal and vertical back to back bends, and an asymmetrical wye. If our loop doesn’t match your test parameters, RCI can also design and fabricate a loop to meet your specifications.

pipeline testing pig - rci drilling equipment

Oil Field Pipeline Pigging

RCI has a test loop for pipeline pigs. The loop comprises three separate launchers (8”, 10”, and 12” diameters) that feed into a 12” receiver, providing 300 feet of testing distance.

Within the line itself, there are a variety of turns, bends and diameter changes that simulate the conditions a pig might have to navigate in an actual pipeline. A combination of pressure transducers and flow meters connected to a computer system allows for data acquisition and analysis.

Space is available for additions and modifications to the existing lines.

Pipeline Inspection Tool Test Loops 16-30 Inch

PIPELINE INSPECTION TOOL TEST LOOPS 16-30 INCH - rci drilling equipment

Pipeline Pig Test Loop 10-12 Inch

PIPELINE PIG TEST LOOP 10-12 INCH - RCI Drilling Equipment

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