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Pumps 2000 Air Operated Dual Diaphragm Pumps

Pumps 2000

are the first redesign of the Pneumatic Diaphragm originally created for harsh mining conditions that out-perform and outlast all others. These patented pumps were specifically designed for abrasive, solid-laden and corrosive fluids in mining environments, and to create an alternative to the heavy, maintenance-intensive diaphragm pumps. Several patented features make it possible to offer market-leading low life cycle cost, while handling difficult applications. Our unique combination of in-house R & D and manufacturing enables us to offer pumps which are technically superior and of significantly higher quality than those offered by the competition.

Pumps 2000 Vacuum Pump - RCI Drilling Equipment

Pumps 2000 Features

  • Can pump higher flows without maintenance issues due to our patented double hinged diaphragms that eliminate the stress when they flex which significantly increases the life of our diaphragms over other brands.
  • Give you greater performance on less air significantly reducing energy costs. The further you are away from the compressor the less air is available and you get more flow with our pumps on less air. Our portable 2” and 3” pumps will produce more volume against head with less cfm’s than competitors 2” or 3” pumps. Adding our unique flow switches further reduces energy costs
  • Blt- contain patented self-cleaning and larger solids handling ball valve design eliminates the problems and prevents slurry and larger solids from plugging up the ball valves.
  • Reduces neck / back injuries due to lightweight desgn. The 3” ball valve pump weighs only 62 lbs., 2” slurry valve pump 43 lbs. and the 2” ball valve pump 55 lbs.
  • Are impact resistant, designed and tested to reduce damage to pumps. They can handle the impact of their own weight due to reinforcement from ribbing and gussets or supports used in air plane and bridge construction.
  • Spares kits are the same for the 2” Slurry, 2” ball valve and 3” ball valve pumps so you have fewer parts to keep on hand and versatility of parts for 3 types.
  • Have lower noise levels (below 84 db.)
  • Have the world’s first High Volume 3” ball and 4” slurry pumps: The 3” HV (High Volume) produces a flow rate of 417 gpm and passes a 1.3” solids. It is the first of its kind & was designed as an alternative to a submersible pump. In fact, at 180 ft. of head it will produce more flow than a 15 HP submersible. The 4” HV (High Volume) Slurry pump produces a flow rate of 540 gpm and passes 3” solids. It is also the first of its kind and can be used as an alternative to a submersibles pump. The 4” HV Slurry pumps are ideal anywhere a high volume of slurry needs to be moved. Both the 3” HV Ball Valve and 4” HV Slurry pump utilize the same 4” air motor so there is less quantity and types of parts required for stock.
  • Offer accessories to compliment and assist the diaphragm pumps such as an air particulate diverter valve, float switch, bore hole kit, external frame, and a variety of strainers,

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