Why oil and gas drilling is going deeper and further offshore


Majority of Global Oil Reserves in Areas of Geopolitical Risk I have been writing about deepwater oil and gas exploration and the trend to push out into deeper waters further offshore. This week I wanted to drill deeper into the drivers of this important exploration and production trend in the oil and gas industry. Against a backdrop where 43% of global oil production is  in high risk regions — the Mid-East and … Read More →

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs Can be Tough, But Very Rewarding


Working on an offshore oil rig is a tough job, but employees may find themselves living in accommodation wings that meet 4 or 5 star hotel standards – despite the fact that you a living in the middle of the ocean. While many of the offshore oil rig jobs are physical in nature, many of the rig companies go out of their way to make sure your time spent onboard … Read More →

Pipeline Test Loop


RCI has a test loop for pipeline pigs. The loop comprises three separate launchers (8”, 10”, and 12” diameters) that feed into a 12” receiver, providing 300 feet of testing distance. Within the line itself, there are a variety of turns, bends and diameter changes that simulate the conditions a pig might have to navigate in an actual pipeline. A combination of pressure transducers and flow meters connected to a … Read More →